Welcome to TampaRes

You have made it to our simple homepage. We are the Resistance of cell AM04-KILO-01. This page serves as an easy reference to pass onward to new and seasoned agents.

If you play Ingress in our area, we welcome you to register to join our community. This is where tips, tricks and meet ups are planned.


Why Google+ ?

COMMs (in game chat) is not secure, due to players with accounts on both teams. The only way to securely talk and plan events is via private communities.

This game is confusing, any help?

It has quite a lot of information to take in and can be overwhelming. Seasoned agents or the Hints tab may help clear it up.

What is AM04-KILO-01?

Long story short, there are 24,576 regions in the world. Our region is named as such, which spans from Englewood, FL to Spring Hill, FL with a east boundry of Brandon, FL. This website should help visual it.

Who runs this site?

This site is run by the seasoned agents of TampaRes and has no affiliation with Ingress or Niantic Labs.

What is Ingress?

A giant GPS driven phone game. Get involved.

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